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About Us

We are a team of three instructors, who started this diving club with the desire to bring together lovers of the ocean. Catering primarily to the English diving community here in Tokyo, we wanted to set up a community of people united by the joy of being underwater. Whether it is scuba or freediving, or simply joining for a BBQ weekend, we strive to make the most of your weekends one dive at a time. 

Scuba Diver and Corals
Coral Reef
Scuba Divers
Diving with Fish
Scuba Diver
Scuba Equipment
Scuba Oxygen Tank
Pack of Fish
Under the Sea
Two Scuba Divers

Meet the Diving Crew

We are a team of two instructors, and we are always welcoming more members into the Crew. Join us and become a Pro!

Our Group History

Join us in our community!


To be written...

Summer Season

October 2022

Our First Full Season

We completed our first full season. Many lessons were learned along the way that will allow us to revise and evolve in to 2023. We thank everyone who joined us for our first year as we were learning the ropes, and looking forward to the next summer season 

Nov 2021

FreeDiving Instructor

Our Instructor Jason becomes a PADI Freediving instructor. With only one person in Japan currently licenced to certify new instructors, Jason studied for months to be able to teach this new discipline.

Nov 2021

New SDI Instructor

We welcomed Radek to our team, a newly certified SDI Instructor. With courses growing at a regular pace, it is great to continue to expand our professional abilities.

Aug 2021


The instructors Jason, Jonathan and Delali decide to team up, and start the group Tokyo Divers. We strive to create fun diving weekend for English speakers based in Tokyo, and make it easy to meet new people in the city.

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