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Cancellation Policy

Our fees for cancellations made by you, the guest, for whatever reason, are as follows:

21 days or more before - FREE

14 - 20 days before - 20% of trip cost

4 - 13 days before - 30% of trip cost

2 - 3 days before - 50% of trip cost

Day before the trip - 100% of trip cost

Day of the Trip - 100% of trip cost

- It is not possible to provide a refund after the day of the trip has passed, and so only cancellations before the day of the trip can be processed.


  • In the event of cancellation on the part of the participant, the following cancellation charges will apply.

  • Cancellation fee will be computed based on the total cost (tour fee plus the options and extras).

  • The refund will be processed as a Credit Card Refund if the payment was done through credit card.

    • If the payment for the event was done through bank transfer, the participant will bear the charges (between 0~440円 depending on the bank)

    • We will not hold money as credit for future events, but will refund as soon as cancellation is confirmed.

  • Cancellation made after business hours (6pm) is already considered as the next day.

  • We will waive the cancellation fee if the participant (not Tokyo Divers finds a replacement.)

  • No cancellation fee if the tour get canceled due to lack of participants (bank transfer fee may apply).

  • In the event the trip/event get canceled due to the weather, natural calamity (e.g. typhoons, strong earthquakes), pandemic, civil unrest and other circumstances beyond our control, a 10% cancellation fee may apply to cover the cost of event preparation and cancellation payments for hotels, buses, and equipment etc.

For Courses
  • Depending on the stage of the course, the cancellation cost varies.

    • If the E-learning has already been provisioned, then the returned amount will be calculated from course cost minus E-learning cost.

      • Reason being, it is possible to refer students with the provided E-Learning which we will be happy to do if the situation dictates

    • If the confined session has already been conducted (for Open Water Course) then the student will get full refund for the diving weekend following the same numbers above

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